About Kåpan Pensioner

Kåpan Pensioner manages collectively agreed occupational pensions for people who are or have been government employees. We offer a traditional pension insurance with a guaranteed interest rate and good returns over time. Kåpan is a mutual insurance society. This means that the members own the business together. The society manages over SEK 100 billion for more than 850,000 members. We are a small insurance company with a major and important assignment.

We make long-term choices to optimise the balance between risks and returns. At the same time we keep our costs as low as possible and use limited resources on marketing. All in order to give you a good return on your pension capital at the lowest possible cost. When there is a surplus, everything goes back to you in the form of bonuses.

We conduct responsible investment management. We make investments on the basis of ethical standards and principles which are strongly rooted in Swedish society, based on decisions made by the Swedish Parliament and Government.

Kåpan was formed in 1992 by the parties to the government collective agreements. The name, Kåpan, is the Swedish acronym that stands for complementary retirement pension. It is also the family name of our various pension insurance products.

Rules for Kåpan Pensioner

Decided by the Council of Administration on 30th of August 2016

Rules for Kåpan pensioner försäkringsförening (pdf, new window)

illustration daggkåpan

We have chosen to use Lady’s Mantle as an illustration and symbol to bring a little colour and life to an otherwise rather unexciting communication.

Lady’s Mantle is easily recognised from its unique fan shaped leaf rosette in the centre of which water drops collect in the early morning to form a shimmering pearl. The drops are formed during the night when the leaves exude water which has been taken up through the roots by guttation and is not dew.