When you retire

There are many different alternatives when you start planning for your retirement. Your pension will normally come from several different sources and there are a lot of conditions and options to consider.

Plan and apply on Mina sidor

On Mina sidor you can plan your pension and apply for it. 

Before you retire

Well before you retire you should get some idea of the amount of your capital and roughly how much this will provide in pension every month. The easiest way to do this is to log on to the website minpension.se and see where you have your savings and how much they are.
The conditions for different insurances vary. Many conditions of your occupational pension are regulated by the underlying pension agreement between the parties to the collective agreements but some conditions are governed by current income tax regulations and our statutes.


Your pension with Kåpan

Your insurance with us has different conditions depending on which insurance you have, but the following applies to everyone:

  • The payment period can always be made for life before pension payments start
  • When lifetime payments begin, repayment cover ceases when you reach 75
  • You cannot stop payments once you have started to receive your pension
  • Capital less than the price base amount may be paid as a one-time payment
  • If you have a disability pension or temporary disability benefits you cannot start your occupational pension before the age of 65

Bank details

Our pensions are paid through Swedbank. Therefore you need to register your account details with them. Payments by check is not possible.

Depending on if you have a Swedish account or a foreign account there are different ways how you can register:

If you have a foreign account

If you have a foreign account, you can only register your account by filling out a form and returning it in original to Swedbank.

Account notification for bank account in a foreign bank (pdf, new window)

NOTE You can only receive your pension to an account where you are the account holder or joint account holder.

If you have a Swedish account

There are two ways how you can register your Swedish account:

  1. If you have a Swedish account, you can register with Swedbank's account records online – this can only be done with a Swedish electronic identification (Swedish eID or BankID).


2. You can also register your account by filling out a form and returning it in original to Swedbank.

Notification of account number for pensions (pdf, new window)

NOTE: You can only receive your pension to an account where you are the account holder or joint account holder.

Paying tax

We will deducted 30 percent tax on your pension payment from us. If we are the main payer you can login and request us to raise the deduction, for example to 35 percent instead of 30 percent.

  • Login to Mina sidor and fill in the form Ändra skatt This requires an Swedish e-Id.

    Login to Mina sidor
  • If you don't have a Swedish e-Id call our Customer Service at 060-18 75 85.

If you want us to deduct less than 30% in tax we must have a decision for changed calculation of tax deduction (jämkning). If you live abroad you can apply for special income tax via the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket).

Application for special income tax on non-residents (pdf, new window)

Payment days

If you were born on days 1 – 15 of the month, we make payments on the 18th of the month. If you were born on days 16 – 31, we make payments on the 19th.

If the payment day is a Sunday or an immediately following public holiday, then pensions will be paid on the next following weekday that is not a public holiday. If the payment day is some other public holiday, a Saturday or Midsummer’s Eve then pensions will be paid on the immediately preceding weekday that is not a public holiday.

From pension capital to paid-out pension

When you have told us that you want to start taking out your pension we calculate a so-called forecast amount. The forecast amount is the amount of pension we will pay each month. It is based on the amount of pension capital and the length of time over which payments will be made.

When we calculate the forecast amount we take into account assumptions about future returns, tax and costs as well as life expectancy for the remaining insured period. The aim is to give you a relatively even pension payment. The assumptions are usually called forecast assumptions. The most important assumption is the forecast interest rate. We currently assume a forecast interest rate of 2 % which comes from assumptions about our expected returns. You will still get a bonus rate on the capital that remains in the society. If the bonus rate is over 2 %, your pension payments will increase. We recalculate the amount paid out once a year as long as payments continue using the divisor that we use when calculating the monthly forecast amount.

This means that we divide your pension capital by the calculated devisor. If you have a five-year payment period, then the divisor when you retire is currently 56.77. If, on the other hand, you have payments for life then the divisor is 225.37. After one year we make a new calculation using the revalued pension capital and devisor for the second year.

To ensure that you always get at least the pension guaranteed by your insurance, we also calculate the guaranteed pension amount per month based on your guaranteed pension capital. We always pay you the higher of these two amounts.

You need to submit an annual Life Certificate

If you are receiving pension and living abroad, you need to submit an annual Life Certificate. You send your Life Certificate to Kåpan Pensioner, 851 90 Sundsvall, Sweden. The Life Certificate is a way for persons living abroad to show that they are still alive.