Living outside Sweden

On this page you will find information about what applies for you, if you live outside Sweden or if you are moving from Sweden.

Keep us updated with your address

If you move from Sweden or if you change your address and you already live outside Sweden please let us know your new address. Send an e-mail to

If you have repayment cover on your pension we will pay out the pension to your husband, wife, cohabiter or children. If you pass away we will use your last known adress to contact your survivors. To make the process easier it is helpful if you provide information on who your survivors are and where they live.

You can not transfer your pensions abroad

It is not possible to transfer your pension to another country. Your pension will be managed by us until it is time for you to retire.

Submit a Life Certificate every year

If you are receiving pension from us and living outside Sweden, you need to submit an annual Life Certificate. This you need to do so we know that you are still alive. We will notify you when it's time.

How to register a foreign account

If you have a foreign account, you can only register your account by filling out a form and returning it in original to Swedbank.

Account notification for bank account in a foreign bank (pdf, new window)
You can only receive your pension to an account where you are the account holder or joint account holder.

How to apply for Special income tax (SINK tax)

When you withdraw your pension from us and live abroad you can apply for Special income tax (SINK tax).

    Application for special income tax on non-residents (pdf, new window)