When you retire

Apply for your pension

When you want to withdraw your pension from us, you need to make an application. When you apply you can use our form. 

Application for pension

If you have Swedish BankID you can log in an apply on our webbsite.

Log in and apply with Swedish BankID



Register your bank account

To receive your pension from us, you need to register to which bank account you want your money. 

Read more about how to register your bank account


We normaly deduct 30 percent tax on your pension payment. If you live outside Sweden you can apply for special income tax via the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket). 

Read more about taxes

How you can withdraw your pension

How you can withdraw your pension varies a little depending on which occupational pension agreement you belong to.

Read more how you can withdraw your pension

Living outside Sweden

If you live outside of Sweden:

  • You need to keep us updated with your address by sending an e-mail to kundservice@kapan.se everytime you move.
  • If you are receiving pension from us you need to submit an annual Life Certificate. We will notify you when it's time.

Payment days

We make the payment on the 18th of the month. If the date falls on a weekend, we instead pay out the pension on the nearest weekday.